SKOOR Software

With SKOOR you can evaluate and display your data more effectively and intelligently. The proactive end-to-end management of service and process models saves you time and money. In addition you have continuous real-time information to make the right decision. Whether as an all-in-one business solution or as an online service - with our KPI Dashboard Software you increase both, your personal performance and the company's success.

Proactive end-to-end real-time monitoring

SKOOR has the ability to access information from any data source (monitoring systems, databases, Excel and applications) and correlate them in a way that statements about processes / services and KPIs can be made in real-time. In addition SKOOR can collect measured values and map a service model if required. Requirement KPI representation e.g. how many people are in the system / open orders, etc.

Automation of reports

At many companies management reports are manually and often compiled in Excel. This always requires a high staffing and the data formats are often not corresponding. The SKOOR technology is designed to automatically generate reports from any data sources. If necessary the technology also allows the data to be collected and measured directly. The most prominent examples are our customers which all are service providers. There are all new management reports e.g. the Executive Management Report created using the SKOOR technology.

EEM (End-user Experience Monitoring)

This topic is about knowing how an application really feels for a user. Robot technology is used to simulate a user. As a result the IT / the service provider knows exactly what the reality is (login, offer, invoice, etc.).

Additional benefits:

  • This technology can be used to show if a service is running

  • Promises from application developer / service providers can be verified in reality

  • Locations can be compared ideally

  • Effects of new hardware / software can be tested in advance in the field